What are best ways to avoid negative side effects after drinking?

Neal Spruce
Neal Spruce on behalf of dotFIT
Besides not drinking at all, drinking slightly less alcohol and/or spacing (at least an hour between drinks) your total consumption evenly throughout the event so your body has time to metabolize it before it gets you inebriated, there is no sure way to prevent that tired, sore and often fuzzy feeling, which can also include an acute bout of depression. If you drink enough in a day, you will get some degree of the proverbial "hangover". That said, you can lessen the result by
  • First, if possible, eat a meal before bed and take a multivitamin and mineral formula (MVM)* followed by 2-3 aspirin
  • Second, after rising and again taking 2-3 aspirin, eat something that appeals to you, take another MVM, have 1-3 cups of strong coffee (caffeine can increase the effects of aspirin and vice-versa)
If you want to go further to end/relieve the hangover, follow 3 and 4 immediately after step 2:
  • Third, rest 2 hours (unless your job interferes -- but you could nap at your desk :) ) then consume a pre-workout shake
  • Lastly, 20-30 minutes after your shake, go exercise. I know it sounds tough, but do it. After exercise you will be amazed how good you feel thanks to endorphins and adrenalin.
There you have it -- the best solution to avoid the negative side effects of drinking too much.

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