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Is drinking wine healthy?

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    Drinking wine is healthy because it can reduce cardiovascular risks. Wine reduces the risk of having a heart attack and reduces the likelihood of you having a stroke. Moderate consumption of wine or alcohol reduces blood pressure. I also think wine has specific social benefits that we cannot ignore. We get side-tracked with the hard numbers of reduction, the mortality of this or that, but we forget about the benefits of sitting with a friend to drink a glass of wine. It’s difficult to quantify the benefits, but there are benefits nonetheless. 
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  • Drinking small quantities of red wine may be heart healthy. This is a difficult balance, though, because drinking more than one small glass of red wine per day may be harmful. If you would like personalized dietary advice, please consult with your doctor.
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    From ancient times, wine was always considered to be a healthful drink. Then throughout most of the 19th century, nutritional authorities told us that wine was either bad for you or that it contained exactly zero health properties. But now, 30 years of evidence shows wine is actually exceptionally healthy for your heart. Official recommendations have finally caught up with ancient wisdom. Wine has turned the corner from “bad for you” to being “good for you” in moderation.
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