Is Ventolin an emergency inhaler?

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    The short answer is "yes". Ventolin is a rescue inhaler. It is one brand name for the drug albuterol. Albuterol is generally used to prevent or abort wheezing. Wheezing (asthma attack) occurs the muscles of the airway (breathing tubes) spasm (constrict) causing bronchoconstriction. Albuterol acts quickly to relax (dilate) the airway muscles. Another part of asthma is inflammation. This is usually controlled by a steroid based inhaler. Steroid inhalers are not rescue inhalers and cannot abort an asthma attack. Albuterol and all other asthma medications should be taken as directed by your physician as part of a comprehensive asthma plan.
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    Rescue or emergency inhalers are short acting bronchodilator drugs.  Albuterol is the active ingredient in both Proventil and Ventolin and is a very common short acting bronchodilator.   In general, albuterol (Ventolin or Proventil) is used as needed to treat the symptoms of an oncoming asthma attack, in other words - as a \rescue\" from or in an \"emergency\" of an asthma attack.   If you are using your albuterol (Ventolin or Proventil) inhaler several times a day to help with asthma symptoms  please follow up with your doctor to review your symptoms and discuss how your doctor wants you to take this medication. If you are regularly experiencing asthma symptoms  your doctor may want to put you on longer acting medications that will help to prevent asthma attacks.   "
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Is Ventolin an emergency inhaler?