What is senescence?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Most serious aging happens at the cellular level. The simple act of bending your knee, for example, exposes the cells of your cartilage to physical damage and damaging chemicals. Sometimes those cells are killed directly by the damage (that's called necrosis), while in other instances, damage accumulates over time, and the cells eventually go into retirement. That process is called senescence, when the cells stop dividing permanently, or they undergo apoptosis, in which they're broken up and reabsorbed.

As cells become senescent, tissues slowly lose their ability to repair and regenerate themselves efficiently and perfectly. Imperfectly repaired cells accelerate damage, which in turn causes more cells to become senescent, which causes even more damage. Imperfectly repaired or replaced or retired cells build up—like those in arthritic joints. And so the vicious cycle of old age keeps spinning, unless you know how to stop it or keep it from starting in the first place.
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