How can we motivate aging patients?

Sharine Forbes
Geriatric Medicine

Research to-date clearly supports the idea of “use it or lose it” and even expands on the original hypothesis; not only can a holistic lifestyle help prevent mental decline in old age, it can also contribute positively to its sustainability and quality of life. Thus, a holistic lifestyle and challenging the brain encourages the neurological processes to keep working by fostering intellectual functions (Williams & Kemper, 2010). This includes, but is not limited to, learning a new language, or learning to use the computer, crossword puzzles and “brain games”, such as bridge or chess (Williams & Kemper, 2010). By maintaining the mental mechanisms engaged an individual can “use-it” and not “lose-it”. Therefore, people should be encouraged to engage in life-long learning opportunities as a means to stay fit. 

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