Are adrenal gland disorders serious?

Adrenal gland disorders can be quite serious. Disorders like Addison's disease can cause complications including death. Cushing's syndrome also has serious complications, including diabetes, osteoporosis, and kidney stones. Without the right balance of adrenal hormones, serious metabolic dysfunction usually occurs.

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How do I know if I have underactive adrenal glands?
Dr. Robin Miller, MDDr. Robin Miller, MD
Symptoms of underactive adrenal glands are: Fatigue Body aches Unexplained weight loss Low...
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Which hormones do the adrenal glands make?
Jumo HealthJumo Health
The adrenal glands make the hormone adrenaline, which helps the body cope with stresses like illness...
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What increases my risk for adrenal gland disorders?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
Many adrenal gland disorders occur for no apparent reason. However, cancer or tumors of the adrenal ...
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How Is an Adrenal Imbalance Treated?
How Is an Adrenal Imbalance Treated?

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