Why should I go for international adoption instead of domestic adoption?

Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy

Another reason that some choose international adoption over domestic adoption is the long term outlook for the children. While many believe it is not enough, the US government does provide care, services, and resources to children considered wards of the state, often even into adulthood. In many countries worldwide, there may be little to no resources available to the children most in need. Once a child reaches the age of 14-16, he or she may be left to care for him or herself without any safety net, public assistance, and possibly without any education. The mortality rate for these children is extremely high. I wrote more in depth on this subject at

In domestic infant adoption, families must wait to be chosen by an expectant mother. If you are qualified to adopt, in inter-country adoption there is a much more predictable course for the process, although not always easy or fast. 

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