What is exuberance in adult ADD?

Exuberance in adult attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a high-spirited liveliness; it's having lots of energy to follow passionate interests. Your intense curiosity may take you down pathways others would never find, may lead you on adventures or wild goose chases. You may talk at a hundred miles a minute or even faster. You may see those without ADD as "slow, boring talkers," as one adult with ADD called almost everyone else in the world.

Your zest may make others' conversation seem to drone on endlessly. Your tendency to fidget constantly, wishing you could be set free from the constraints to sit still, may be an exuberance to express your energy and high spirits. You may prefer extreme sports, extreme vacations, extreme almost anything to structured activities. You may wish people would stop telling you to slow down and yearn for someone to instead match your speed.

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