What should I do if my child with ADHD doesn't want to go to school?

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, PhD
Psychology Specialist

If your child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) says he doesn't want to go to school because it's boring, stop yourself from going into a long lecture or expressing your frustration with your child.

Use your child's comments to start a dialogue, ask why he thinks school is boring and listen to him. Encourage him to give you many different reasons that school is boring. If some of the reasons he gives make sense to you, you can practice becoming an advocate for your child. If your child says school is boring because it doesn't have to do with the real world, you could ask the teacher to try to use project- based learning that involves solving real problems. As an example, a teacher could give students a real world case of wasteful governmental spending and ask students to figure out how to reduce costs rather than just asking students to memorize facts about the structure of the American government.

When you listen to your child and honor his perspective in some small way, you go along way toward creating the connection that will fuel motivation and persistence.

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