How can I view my child's ADHD symptoms as gifts?

The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in your child can be reframed such that they are seen in a positive light. The easiest trait to reframe is the excess of energy which I reframe as exuberance. The benefits of having too much energy seem almost obvious. Wouldn't we all love to come home on a Friday night after a long work week and play with the kids, or tackle new projects or pursue our dreams? If a child's excess energy can be appropriately channeled it can be put to great use and can be felt as charisma and exuberance and can be a joy to be around. Exuberance is characterized by high energy, intense interest and curiosity in the world. Exuberant children are playful, intense and can be fun to be around.

Similarly, a short-attention span can also be reframed as creativity and intuition. A person with a short attention span is being "inspired" by events, people and going-ons in the world around him or her. It is the opposite of horse with blinders, plodding along. Similarly, creative genius or inspiration requires a certain sort of spaciness. In fact, exactly the sort of spaciness your child displays. Creativity often requires reframing or rethinking old problems. Spaciness provides a larger frame for seeing a bigger picture to old problems. Children with ADHD have the capacity to solve problems created by rigid modes of thinking. Children are often labeled as spacy for daydreaming. However, daydreaming is the fount of creativity. Daydreaming is the process of engaging the imagination. Imagination creates new possibilities, dreams of new and original possibilities not yet existing in the world.

To think daringly original thoughts and to create new ideas or perspectives requires impulsiveness. Impulsiveness is the urge to do things or think things that are new and daring, that fall outside the boring grind of the everyday humdrum. Impulsiveness is the urge to forge ahead into new areas of thought. Impulsiveness is being bored with whatever everyone else is doing or thinking. Impulsiveness is a necessary ingredient for forging new ground in any area of study or thought. Creativity and originality are by definition shockingly different from what has come before. Creativity is the introduction of something new and never before seen. Children with ADHD are quite good at creativity.

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