How do I perform task analysis for my child with ADHD?

Follow these steps to perform task analysis for your child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD):

Step 1: Think carefully about the task that the child must perform. List all of the steps needed to complete the tasks on paper.

Step 2: Arrange these steps in sequential order from first to last.

Step 3: Record these steps on a chart for the child. Keep the chart simple but colorful and interesting.

Step 4: Inspect the chart with the child. Identify (perhaps by using a plus sign and minus sign) the steps that the child already does well and those that need improvement.

Step 5: Identify the problem area that occurs earliest in the sequence. Select that step as the first target behavior for the child to learn.

Step 6: Model that skill to ensure that the child understands and is capable of performing the task. When you are certain that the child understands the expectations, require the child to perform that behavior on a daily basis. Provide a daily reinforcement for successful completion of that task.

Step 7: Continue to monitor and reinforce that behavior. When the child has demonstrated mastery of that step (at least a 90% success rate for two weeks), proceed to the next problem step that you identified on the chart (see step 4). Model that behavior to ensure that the child is able to perform it correctly.

Step 8: Provide a daily reinforcement for successful completion of both of the target behaviors. Continue reinforcing successful completion of the two steps until mastery is achieved.

Step 9: Repeat the process until you have modeled and reinforced all of the problem behaviors identified in step 4. Continue the program until the child has demonstrated mastery of the entire sequence of behaviors with a success rate of at least 90% over several weeks.

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