How is sloppiness related to creativity in adult ADD?

If you have adult attention deficit disorder (ADD), there may be a direct connection between your sloppy mistakes and your creativity. Your sloppy mistakes may be due, in part, to a willingness to experiment, to try new things. So, too, may your creativity. Your sloppiness may also be related to your capacity to loosen your perception of the world. So, too, may your creativity. Being concerned with getting things precisely right may come from a different part of the brain than creativity, and may interfere with it. On the other hand, perceiving each moment as a possibility to be experienced rather than a concrete reality to be controlled will naturally lead to creativity -- and sloppiness.

Artistic creativity tends to be common in ADD adults. ADD adults are often artists, musicians, designers, stylists, and entertainers. Artistic creativity may be related to the very same sloppiness that gets ADD adults in trouble. Think of the great visual artists of the last two centuries, artists who have shown us images of a world we have never seen with our own eyes. How many of us have seen the swirling sky in van Gogh's Starry Night, the odd shapes in Picasso's art? We don't call their representations sloppy, we call them genius.

Even if you are not artistic in the formal sense, ADD adults bring this element of creativity to everything they do, in both their work and their relationships. Creativity has been termed a form of divergent thinking, meaning it opens up possibilities rather than nailing them down with rigid definitions. Are mistakes and sloppiness anything less than perceiving the world in a way that opens up possibilities? It's true that mistakes can lead to unfortunate consequences in the real world, but at a basic level mistakes and sloppiness are rooted in a way of looking at the world as in part unformed rather than as a done deal.

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