What are the types of treatment for ADHD?

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Stimulant medications for ADHD
Under medical supervision, stimulant medications are considered safe. Stimulants do not make children with ADHD feel high, although some kids report feeling slightly different or "funny." Although some parents worry that stimulant medications may lead to substance abuse or dependence, there is little evidence of this. (This answer is based on the source infromation from the National Institute of Mental Health.)

Alternative treatments for ADHD
Alternative treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) do exist and may be a satisfactory option in some cases. These include counseling, support groups, and parent and teacher education about how to best manage children who have the condition. Additional alternatives are being studied and may be recommended in the future. In many cases, however, medication may be required for best treatment of symptoms.

Dr. Iris M. Rodriguez-Ocasio, MD

Stimulant medications are safe for children with ADHD as long as they are prescribed by a medical professional such as a pediatrician, child developmentalist, or psychiatrist. Also these medications are given according to the child's weight and age. The child is followed up by their doctor to make sure there are no side effects occurring.

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