When should I seek help if I think my child has ADHD?

Michele Borba
Many kids have trouble paying attention, but far fewer have an actual diagnosable problem such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Of course, you should work with the teacher to find ways to handle his attention problems so he can succeed in school.

Consider these three factors to help you decide if your child’s behavior really has ADD:

1. The attention difficulty is clearly noticeably–even extreme–when your child’s behavior is compared to other kids the same age and gender.

2. The attention problem has lasted at least six months and is evident in at least two settings different (such as home and school and not just at school).

3. Your child’s inability to pay attention significantly interferes with his ability to function and thrive in life and is not something your child can control.

If “yes” is your answer to each of those three factors then your child is clearly struggling and will be at risk of everything from low self-esteem, school failure, friendship troubles to even drug abuse. It is time to pick up the phone and seek the advice of a trained expert for an evaluation.

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