Does acupuncture work for infertility?

Erika Tabke
Erika Tabke on behalf of Sigma Nursing
Studies of the effectiveness of acupuncture as a complementary therapy to infertility treatment have shown mixed results. But that doesn't mean acupuncture doesn't work -- it turns out that it is much more difficult to study and make generalizations about acupuncture than it is to study Western Medicine.

Western Medicine is often standardized, and treatment tends to be similar from patient to patient. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), patients with the same disease often present with different 'syndrome' patterns due to individual differences - so no two people receive the same treatment. An acupuncture practitioner may choose to place the needles completely different places for different infertility patients, making it very hard to compare outcomes between them.

Thousands of women each year choose acupuncture to increase the likelihood of infertility treatment success. Studies have shown that between 10-25% of women undergoing IVF supplement their treatment with acupuncture or other alternative therapies, and research has found that a majority of women who use complementary treatments report that they are effective.
There has only been one controlled research trial involving in vitro fertilization (IVF) and acupuncture. This study showed some promise of increased fertility effectiveness of acupuncture when combined with IVF. Other studies have not shown much fertility improvement with acupuncture, and there needs to be more controlled, randomized studies with increased numbers of participants before any true connection can be established.

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