Are doctors the people providing acupuncture?

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    More and more, doctors are learning acupuncture as ways of providing pain relief and other benefits to their patients. But not all acupuncturists are physicians. They may be nurses and nurse practitioners; physical therapists, or other health professionals. Whatever their overall background, every acupuncturist must pass specialized training in this practice. They must also meet their state's regulatory requirements.
    The bottom line for finding a qualified acupuncturist is the same as with any specialist: get referrals. See if your insurance company pays for this technique; if so, they're likely to have a list of providers they've approved. Another option is to find an integrative medicine center, usually one affiliated with a hospital. These are places that bring together a wide range of experts in physical and mental health to provide a total therapeutic approach to healing. You're most likely to be satisfied if a doctor you already know recommends the acupuncturist.
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