Can acupuncture help with anxiety?


I absolutely believe that acupuncture can help with anxiety. Conquering anxiety is about being able to control your though patterns and quiet your mind. An anxious mind is like a television that incessantly flips through the channels. The practice of acupuncture revolves around the inseparable connection between the mind and body. It is an ancient form of medicine that has been used to treat a broad range of issues. Acupuncture specifically focuses on freeing up the energy channels of the body. When these channels become 'blocked', energy (known as Qi) does not flow properly. There is no disputing the fact that every single thing within the universe is some form of energy. Given this, I believe that an interrupted flow of body energy could be one cause of anxiety. I believe that acupuncture, used in conjunction with lifestyle changes that decrease stress, could be a great way to help rid yourself of excessive anxiety.

Mark Schwartz
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

In Chinese Medicine, emotions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and anger interrupt the smooth flow energy through the body. According to Chinese Medicine theory, this energy, called qi, travels through our body through networks called meridians. The meridians work much like a highway system and when someone experiences a strong emotion like anxiety, the smooth flow of qi is interrupted. The result is much like a traffic jam. Things get tense, frustrated, tight, backed up, uncontrollable, etc.

Acupuncture helps release these blocks and restore the smooth flow of qi. Not only does acupuncture help address the causes of the anxiety and stress, but also with the resulting symptoms. For example, many people suffering from anxiety and stress also suffer from musculoskeletal pain, headaches, digestive issues, and high blood pressure. -JK

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a technique using very thin needles, which are strategically inserted in certain parts of your body. The theory is founded on balancing the flow of energy (qi or chi) through pathways (meridians) in your body. Practitioners believe that by restoring the energy flow, a re-balancing and restoration of harmony will be restored to your body. Western medicine is becoming more and more open to this ancient practice, and over the past several decades, acupuncture has been looked upon as a favorable alternative to treating many conditions.

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