Should I talk to my doctor about my acromegaly symptoms?


Yes, you should talk to your doctor if you experience any symptoms of acromegaly. Early treatment may prevent further complications from the condition. When acromegaly is left untreated, symptoms worsen, and cardiovascular disease and other complications can develop.

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Commonly referred to as gigantism in children, acromegaly is a rare disorder that causes the body to produce too much growth hormone. Six out of every 100,000 adults suffer from this disorder. Abnormal growth in the legs, chest, a...

rms and head are symptoms of the acromegaly. Gradual changes may occur in the face and cause protrusion of the lower jaw and brows, widen the nose and cause spacing in the teeth. These changes are slow and may not be obvious until years later. In some cases, people with acromegaly were able to detect the disorder by comparing the changes to old photographs. Early diagnosis is imperative to treating acromegaly. Surgery of the pituitary gland and radiation options for treating the disorder. If you suspect you have symptoms of acromegaly, contact your family doctor for a medical evaluation.

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