What are the treatment options for severe acne?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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The specific treatment for severe acne will depend on the individual and on the type of severe acne. For most cases of severe acne, a combination of treatments is most effective. That may mean a combination of an antibiotic and a prescription. You should consult a dermatologist for more information.

You doctor has different treatment options available for severe acne. They may prescribe a topical medicine to be applied to the affected area. They may also prescribe topical or oral antibiotics. In some severe cases, your doctor may suggest using isotretinoin, an oral medication. Isotretinoin has serious side effects, however, and will not be suitable for everyone. Another option is to do a procedure, such as laser or light therapy. Or your doctor may inject the area with corticosteroids, or cut it and drain out the pus.

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