Can adults get acne?

Judy Caplan
Nutrition & Dietetics

Yes, adults can get acne. Usually if you develop adult acne without previously having had it as a teenager, it is probably hormonal. Sometimes it can be brought on by skin care products that irritate your skin. If you are eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and using skin care products that you know do not irritate your skin, seek out a dermatologist. He or she can prescribe medication to bring your skin back to a healthy glow.

Yes, acne is quite common in adults. About 1/3 of women and 20% of men can get clogging of the pores by sebum which is a normal oily substance produced by the skin. Hormones can also aggravate the condition. 
Jeanette Jacknin
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Yes, in fact, adult acne is very common in women in their 40's, especially around the chin and mouth. For some, an imbalance in both male and female hormones can cause breakouts, or they may be the result of an overproduction of male hormone. For women, this can happen during pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Cosmetics, profuse sweating, occlusive creams and sunscreens, and some topical and oral drugs also cause adult acne in men and women. Treatment must take into consideration that an adult's skin is generally drier than a teenager's.

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