How can I minimize the side effects of Aceon?

You can minimize and even avoid side effects from the blood pressure medication Aceon (perindopril) by taking it exactly as your doctor prescribes. Don't take more of it, or take it more often, than you're instructed. You should also tell your doctor about all medications and supplements you take, as some drugs and other substances can interact with Aceon and bring about side effects. He or she can make sure that you aren't on something that will cause problems for you when you start taking Aceon. Make sure you doctor knows your complete medical history as well; you could have complications from Aceon if you have certain conditions, especially heart, liver or kidney problems, lupus, diabetes or scleroderma.

One common side effect of Aceon is dizziness or lightheadedness when you get up after sitting or lying down. You can minimize this side effect by rising slowly.

Talk to your doctor if Aceon is causing a persistent cough. Don't take cough medicine without checking with him or her because some cough medications can raise your blood pressure.