Can I take Vasotec if I have a history of heart disease?

If you have a history of heart disease, you will likely be able take Vasotec (enalapril), a drug to treat high blood pressure. In fact, Vasotec is specifically prescribed for a certain kind of heart disease, known as congestive heart failure.

However, if your heart failure is severe, taking Vasotec may damage your kidneys. Because of this, if you have heart failure, your doctor is likely to carefully check your kidney function before prescribing Vasotec to reduce this risk. Certain other heart problems will probably prompt your doctor to be cautious about prescribing Vasotec too.

If you have heart disease, you should be aware that Vasotec can cause too much potassium to build up in the body. This condition, called hyperkalemia, can cause serious health problems, including changes in your heart rhythm.

Before you start taking Vasotec, make sure to give your doctor a complete medical history, including both past and current conditions. Also, tell your doctor about any heart medications you are taking. Once you're on Vasotec, tell your doctor if your heart condition changes, and talk with him or her before you start any new medicines, including ones for your heart.

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