Are there any risks in taking the abortion pill?

As with any procedure, there can be rare adverse events. With medical abortion there can be infection, dangerously heavy bleeding, or a failure of all of the pregnancy tissue to be passed out of the uterus.
All women undergoing medical abortion should be given a Medication Guide with clear instructions for what actions to take if an adverse event occurs.
If the patient has fever greater than 100.4 degrees that lasts more than four hours in the days after taking mifepristone, if bleeding is heavy enough to soak through two full-size sanitary pads an hour for two hours in a row, or if there is worsening abdominal pain and a feeling of being “sick” more than 24 hours after the second tablet, the woman should contact her healthcare provider or seek emergency care.
If all the tissue does not pass out of the uterus, then surgical intervention is required. All women must have a follow up to make sure that the abortion is completely passed.
For more information see the Mifeprex Medication Guide on the FDA web site at
Risks from taking the abortion pill are rare. They include incomplete abortion, failure to end the pregnancy, infection, heavy bleeding and allergic reactions. When women get the abortion pill from a health care provider they will be counseled on the risks and warning signs to look for. It is important that women follow the directions that the health care provider gives to them in order to avoid the risks and if any develop to get treated appropriately and safely.

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