What should I know if I'm considering a tummy tuck?

Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery
Tummy tuck procedures are excellent surgeries for patients who are finished having children. Women who no longer desire to become pregnant and have extra skin from the bellybutton down to the suprapubic area do great with abdominoplasty procedures. Tummy tuck candidates are women who have excess  abdominal skin laxity and have rectus diastasis, or the muscles of the abdominal wall have been pulled apart from the pregnancies. Removal of skin from the bellybutton down to the suprapubic region leads to a long scar, like a C-section scar, but extending to the hips bilaterally.

Patients often will undergo liposuctioning of the hips in order to reduce the bulkiness of the sides or the pre-jean roll areas, often referred as the muffin top.Tummy tuck procedures should be performed by board certified plastic surgeons. These doctors have the experience and judgment to perform this operation in a safe and predictable manner. Tummy tucks are performed under general anesthesia with board certified anesthesiologists in an accredited surgical ambulatory facility. The largest trade off for tummy tucks is scarring which can be significant. Make sure your expectations are realistic, as to the final results of a scar is never 100% predictable.

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