How can I tone my abs?

There are many exercises, other than the basic crunch, that tone your abs. Watch James Wiggins and Heather Carty, of Memorial Hospital Jacksonville's H.E.A.R.T Fitness Center, explain and demonstrate easy ab exercises.
Curls and sit-ups can definitely help tone your abs, but a new study suggests something else might work better. Seems counterintuitive, but working your upper body may be the quickest path to a really sculpted middle.

In a study, women did isometric exercises for their stomach, back, shoulders and arms while researchers measured muscle activity. The results? Shoulder extensions made middle-body muscles contract most -- apparently they work extra hard to stabilize your trunk when your wings are flapping.

Some more ways to get your midsection, and whole body into mint condition:
  • Roll out the ball. For strong core muscles and better balance, do tummy and back toners on an exercise ball.
  • Add resistance. Use weights or resistance bands for extra burn.

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