I’m Not a Jock. So What?
Posted By Janis Jibrin on July 10, 2012
It happened to so many of us in Phys Ed class—we watched the athletic kids dominate at dodge ball, easily score baskets and goals, and, of course, get picked first for teams. I wasn’t a complete klutz, but growing up in a family that preferred books and sightseeing to athletics, I did the minimum when it came to organized sports.
When I did try a sport—tennis, volleyball, and soccer—I’d get better, but because I wasn’t as good as the top players, I’d quit. When I received the “Most Improved Player” award in volleyball my junior year of high school, I took that to mean I was absolutely terrible to begin with!
So, for the past few decades, I’ve stuck with “safe” exercise stuff that even non-athletes can do: the treadmill, elliptical, the occasional aerobic class. But last weekend, after beating my boyfriend at tennis (OK, he did have sciatica and couldn’t move all that fast) he said, “You’re good and could be really good at this.” (He’s a good loser.)
I responded with the usual “Nah, I’m just not an athlete,” and he countered with “How do you know?”
He’s right—without ever pushing myself, how do I know? I could very well become a tennis player…an athlete. While I don’t think I have the time or the will to find out the extent of my athletic prowess, it sure makes me want to keep playing tennis—and to beat him when his sciatica goes away!
Have you found your inner athlete? Tell us about it!
Reprinted with permission from TheBestLife.com