Whether it’s your first child or your third, one of the most unforgettable moments for expectant parents and their loved ones is finding out the sex of the baby. Though many usually learn the sex of their baby at the doctor’s office, some are choosing more festive ways to make the big announcement. Gender reveal parties are becoming an increasingly popular way to share the news with loved ones. At a gender reveal party, the guests, and sometimes the parents, will learn the sex of baby together.
How to Host a Gender Reveal Party
To host a gender reveal party, you must first decide whether as a parent you want to know the sex of the baby before the reveal or at the same time as your loved ones. If you have an ultrasound scheduled between 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, let the technician know that you’d like to refrain from knowing the sex of the baby. Ask he or she to write “boy” or “girl” on the ultrasound photo before sealing it in an envelope. That way you can pass it on to anyone that might be helping you with the reveal part of the party without finding out before the party, if you choose not to know. If the baby is position in a way that makes it difficult to determine the sex, you might have to schedule a follow-up appointment for another date.
As for the actual reveal, here are some fun ideas for inspiration!
Ready to POP
Fill a black balloon up with blue or pink confetti before blowing it up. Have the couple count to three before popping the balloon. The confetti will scatter beautifully and everyone will be delighted by the sight.
Let There Be Cake!
Find a bakery you can entrust with a specific request, like helping to keep the gender a secret. Take the envelope that you received at your ultrasound to a bakery and order a cake that's either blue or pink on the inside (depending on the results of your ultrasound), but with a neutral-color frosting on the outside, such as white for vanilla or brown for chocolate. After everyone has eaten, gather guests for the gender reveal and celebrate with dessert!

Fiesta Time
Fill a piñata with pink or blue confetti or candy and have the couple take turns whacking it until it breaks, revealing the sex of the baby.

Up, Up And Away!
Another popular way for soon-to-be-parents to reveal their baby’s gender is to fill a bundle of blue or pink floating balloons and fit them into a box. During the gender reveal party, the expecting couple opens up the box in front of guest. As the balloons float out, the sex of the baby will be revealed. If you are releasing the balloons outside, consider choosing biodegradable products that are less harmful to the environment.

The Envelope Please…
A simple way to honor guests helping you celebrate is to hand out envelopes with a card inside revealing the baby’s sex and have everyone open them together. You can make the card as simple or elaborate as you want and it will be a keepsake guests will never forget.
Wrap It Up
Go to your favorite children’s clothing store and pick out an outfit for both a boy or a girl. Before making your purchase hand the ultrasound envelope to the salesperson tell them you would like to only purchase the outfit that pertains to the sex of the baby and ask them to giftwrap it for you. This serves as a dual way to incorporate the purchase of your baby’s hospital take home outfit with your gender reveal party moment.

Let’s Get Crazy
A fun way to include guests (and siblings!) into the gender reveal moment is a good old-fashioned silly string fight. Cover pink or blue cans of silly string with brown paper and hand them out to all your guests. Hold a countdown and let madness ensue.
Can’t Wait!
If you can’t stand the anticipation and decide you’d like to know the sex of the baby before the party, make your announcement right as each guest walks through the door. Place all gender neutral party favors outside and decorate the interior only in one hue. As guest walk in they will immediately join in on the fun.

Oh, Baby.
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