Sharecare Fitness

Our Mission

Welcome to your “get in shape” resource center. Sharecare Fitness is the place where you can build your fitness community, get professional support, learn all about the cool tools within your coaching program and start putting information into action. If you want personalized fitness advice, you can friend any of our amazing fitness professionals. If you want to flatten your belly, you can get a free specialized workout program created by the best exercise experts in the business. Whether you are a beginner who is just learning how to exercise or a seasoned athlete ready to reach the next level, we have an exercise demonstration video for you. And if you are simply looking for inspiration or something to motivate you, then join our group and get hot fitness tips delivered to your activity wall. Bring your passion and commitment and we’ll keep you moving in a healthy direction!

Consider us your virtual gym (but without someone hogging your favorite machine).  We offer a suite of fitness support tools within your coaching program that include:

·  An activity tracker.  Every movement counts, and with our activity tracker you can count it.
·  Customizable programs (thousands of them).  Built by you, built for you and supported by decades of research, these programs are customized to your workout level, how often you want to workout, your fitness goals and even the type of equipment you have available.
·  Fitness professionals.  We have more than 500 professionals available to reach out to and get answers to your fitness questions. And these pros mean business, so be ready to start sweating when you do reach out to them!
·  Progress reports.  These are like fitness report cards, only you get to see your progress everyday and stay on top of your fitness goals.