Self chec

Our Mission

Self chec is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive free “keeping healthy” one-to-one communication tools to help protect the public from cancers, heart disease, diabetes, obesity; chronic diseases that are often preventable, treatable and curable. Self chec’s goal is to help save the more than one million people who die unnecessarily each year from these diseases and to transform our inactive and reactive “sickness” nation to a more proactive “prevention” nation.

Most people are reactive when it comes to their health; they seek out health information when they are already sick, or someone they know has been diagnosed. Self chec does the opposite, it nudges the public about the importance of proactive prevention, early detection and wellness care so they can reduce their odds of getting sick in the first place.

Self chec was created to reach everyone who has the potential of being diagnosed with a chronic disease. Self chec’s personal and sensitive caring approach, for example: mother to son, daughter to father, husband to wife, employer to employee, friend to friend, etc. is supported by evidenced-based information that points to the fact that this kind of interaction is a critically important part of asking someone to take care of themselves, as it is often only for others we care about, that we will do something for ourselves.

The Self chec Web site contains comprehensive, reliable information from respected medical sources. You can also sign-up yourself, as well as others, for an ehealth reminder that won’t let you forget to do important self-checks, and call your healthcare professional for a yearly exam and early detection screenings. Our self-check videos will actually show you how to check, too. On our CaringCard Shoppe you can send positive and supportive keeping healthy messages to friends and family, and there is much, much more…