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  • Superfoods

    These days, everything is super. We have superstars who play like superheroes in the Super Bowl with commercials about junk that can you can order by saying, “Supersize it.” (The last part not so super, I’d say.)

    But I do know that the one super thing I want you to learn more about is the

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  • Beat Your Cravings!

    I’ve talked to hundreds—no, make it thousands—of people who’ve come to me desperate to lose weight. They’ve tried everything, they’ll do anything, and many times, they already know what to do. They know what they’re supposed to eat and what they aren’t. But

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  • Top 10 Influencers Driving the Nutrition Conversation Online

    In case you missed it on Monday, Sharecare announced its Top 10 Online Influencers in Nutrition. These influential voices are a Who’s Who of the people driving the conversation around nutrition. The health advocates on this list are aiming to reduce the inc

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  • Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation Pep Talk

    All right, Transformation Nation participants: time is a ticking! You have just a few weeks left to complete the final steps to a healthier happy you. Think of this as a sort of doctor’s note. Here’s your prescription:

    1. Connect with Your Doctor - This is important

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  • A Pep Talk from Dr. Oz!

    Here’s a shout-out to all of you Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation Challenge participants (700,000 plus!!) who are following the 7 easy steps to getting healthier!

    Keep it up!

    Every day that you log onto your Transformation Nation profile and get fitness, weight-loss

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