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    How could child obesity affect my child socially and economically?

    Philippa Clarke, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan, wanted to know how childhood obesity affects kids socially and economically.  She also wanted to discover if there were differences in the effects for adults who had been overweight since adolescence and those who gradually gained...Read More
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    Why should I pick my own produce?

    One of my favorite activities is going into local farm fields to pick my own produce. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, corn, cherries, peaches … somewhere within driving distance there is a farm that will let you pick what you love. What’s so great about picking your own? I’ll give you 10 reasons. ...Read More
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    Should I consider eating bugs as a source of protein?

    There are reasons to consider eating bugs as a source of protein. Swansea University in the UK, is the host to this year’s Royal Entomology Society conference, and one of the speakers at this year’s conference will be talking about insect protein being a solution to famine.
    On the one hand, you might say, &ldq...Read More
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    Could the diet soda I drink be linked to the premature birth of my baby?

    There hasn't been much research done on the safety of these beverages for humans, let alone unborn babies, but a new study has found there may be a link between drinking diet soda and an increased risk of premature birth.

    The Danish study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition...Read More
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    Is there a natural antiperspirant I can use?

    Antiperspirants aren't the most green item to have in your medicine cabinet or gym bag because they contain aluminum compounds, the key ingredients that block your sweat glands and prevent moisture. As you might know, aluminum mining is destructive, resource-intensive and polluting. Environmental damage aside, perhaps...Read More
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    Could exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) decrease my sperm quality?

    BPA exposure may be linked to decreased sperm quality in men, according to a new study from the University of Michigan which found that exposure to bisphenol A, or BPA, may be linked to low levels of sperm in men.

    BPA is a chemical compound commonly found in many of the products on store shelves to...Read More
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    Should I be worried that air pollution and my asthma are linked to suicide?

    Here’s another reason to fight air pollution in your neighborhood: Dirty air means more suicides.

    At least that’s the conclusion from a couple of new studies. NewScientist reports that Chang Soo Kim of Yonsei University in Seoul looked at more than 4,000 suicides from seven South Korean cities-linking them to measurements...Read More
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    Can my child develop asthma if breathing in school traffic pollution?

    Children who breathe traffic-related air pollution at school are more likely to develop asthma.

    A new study out of the University of Southern California shows that kids who breathe traffic-related air pollution at school are more likely to develop asthma, even after taking into account levels...Read More
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    What sunscreen should I use on my baby?

    What sunscreen to use on your baby depends on the age of the baby. If your baby is younger than 6 months, sunscreen shouldn’t be your first line of defense. For babies this young, other means of protection are key — like clothing that covers his whole body, a big canopy on his stroller, a nice big...Read More
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    What foods can I eat that will help keep me cool?

    Looking for a natural, nutritional way to cool down during the hot days of July and August? Foods that are water-dense work well as natural coolers. Here are 10 foods to eat to help keep you cool:
    • Watermelon
    • Herbal iced tea (not caffeinated iced tea -- caffeine which heats you up)
    • Green salads
    ...Read More
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    What nontoxic alternatives to mothballs can I use?

    Traditional mothballs are little balls of pesticides and deodorant made from two rather stinky and dangerous chemicals, either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, although the former has been mostly phased out due to issues of flammability. Both ingredients work the same way: They start out solid and turn...Read More
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    What effective, natural antiseptic can I use?

    Yes, you can use an effective, natural antiseptic. It would be helpful to first distinguish antiseptics from antibiotics since the two are often referred to interchangeably: An antiseptic is a solution, commonly isopropyl rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, applied to the skin that kills microorganisms...Read More
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    Could my baby's brain be damaged by pollution exposure in the womb?

    Yes, your baby’s brain could be damaged by pollution in the womb. Two new studies published recently bring grim news to new or soon-to-be new moms in urban areas. According to the studies, a baby's brain may be damaged by common air pollutants breathed by his mother while the baby is still in the...Read More
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    What kind of effective, natural mosquito repellant can I use?

    There are more than a few natural mosquito repellants out there to consider. You might not find them as effective as DEET repellents, but they’re certainly worth a shot. Just be aware that more frequent application is usually required so make sure you have an adequate supply. If you’re do-it-yourself o...Read More
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    Could I suffer health risks from eating in my car?

    Food, Inc. exposed the many health dangers of the fast-food drive-thru, but a recent study has identified a new health risk: Eating in your car can mean eating disease-causing germs (via Daily Mail, Treehugger).

    Why? People aren’t vigilant about keeping their cars as clean as their homes. If you’ve spilled...Read More