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Founded in 2006, MDLIVE, formerly MDLiveCare, is a leading TeleHealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services and software that benefit patients, hospitals, employers, payers, physician practice groups and accountable care organizations. The company'™s cloud-based Virtual Medical Office software platform makes it possible for patients, medical professionals and plan administrators to collaborate seamlessly and securely via voice, video, email and mobile devices. Payers and providers can also utilize the HIPAA compliant system to collect and share clinical data from patient medical records, lab results and in-home biometric devices for real-time risk assessments, wellness advice, diagnosis and treatment. MDLIVE provides affordable, 24/7/365 Anytime, Anywhere consultations via a nationwide network of board-certified physicians and licensed therapists. ***Sometimes visiting a doctor's office can make you nervous, impatient, or even scared. You may have only a few minutes with your health care provider. Later, you might remember something you forgot to ask. Or you may forget what the doctor or nurse said. MDLIVE can help make this less stressful. From the comfort of your own home, car, or even from your place of employment, MDLIVE is able to provide you with the health services and information you require. You have the capability to lists all of your concerns, any allergies and all the medicines, herbs or vitamins you take. MDLIVE is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your consulting physician'™s instructions, diagnosis, and treatment advice is always accessible through your personal HIPAA compliant portal. MDLIVE is only a phone call away.


    MDLIVE answered:

    What is the difference between functional and conventional medicine?

    Conventional (western) medicine deals with a specific disease process or condition and then proceeds to analyze it in terms of its patholophysiology and its effects on the body.  Thus, the goal of treatment is to bring that diseased area back to "normal" with primarily pharmaceutical medications...Read More
    MDLIVE answered:

    Are people with severe hypertension admitted to the ICU?

    Usually yes since they need very close monitoring of their pulse and blood pressure. In addition, they often initially need continuous IV medications to slowly bring their blood pressure down. The immediate danger to very high blood pressure is heart attack and the type of stroke that results in bleeding...Read More
    MDLIVE answered:

    Can people with type 2 diabetes eat dairy products?

    Not particularly but the fat in whole milk may contribute to obesity which will complicate diabetes. If you must drink milk, drink skim or 1%. By the way, whole (cow's) milk contains 4% fat so 2% is not that much better -- it's not 2% of 4%. Low-fat cheeses and plain yogurt (with or without real...Read More
    MDLIVE answered:

    Can medicines be crushed?

    That depends. Some can, some cannot. Generally, if it is a standard medication, it *MAY* be able to be crushed. If it is an extended-release form (may have a suffix in the brand name like SR or ER; usually take once or twice a day compared to the standard form of the drug which may be more often),...Read More
  • Dr. Iris Rodriguez-Johnson, MD - Burlington, NC - Pediatrics

    Are stimulant medications safe for kids with ADHD?

    Stimulant medications are safe for children with ADHD as long as they are prescribed by a medical professional such as a pediatrician, child developmentalist, or psychiatrist. Also these medications are given according to the child's weight and age. The child is followed up by their doctor to make...Read More
  • Dr. Stanley C. Newhall, MD - Detroit Lakes, MN - General Practice

    Does the Emergency Room have a defibrillator?

    All places that call themselves Emergency Rooms should have a defibrillator, which is an electronic device that delivers a shock to the heart when it is not pumping effectively.  The defibrillators in an ER are usually manual and require training to operate.  Automatic defibrillators (ACD's) are commonly...Read More
  • Dr. Dianne Parker, MD - Plantation, FL - Pediatrics

    How does the pediatric intensivist diagnose MRSA in kids?

    MRSA, methicillin resistant staph aureus, is diagnosed by sending a tissue or body fluid sample to the lab.  If staph aureus grows from this sample, it is then exposed to several antibiotics including methicillin.  If the bacteria continues to grow with methicillin added, then MRSA is diagnosed.  In...Read More
  • Dr. William Wien, DO - Freeland, WA - Family Medicine

    Do most physicians today enjoy practicing medicine?

    Physicians still enjoy interacting with and helping patients. It is the loss of autonomy, and interference with the practice of medicine that our current economic, legal, and political environment has created which most physicians despise. This factor causes many physicians to change careers, retire...Read More
  • Dr. Iris Rodriguez-Johnson, MD - Burlington, NC - Pediatrics

    What is the generic name for Sulfatrim Pediatric?

    The generic name for Sulfatrim Pediatric is Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim. Read More
  • Sarine Salama - Hollywood, FL - Psychology
    Sarine Salama of MDLIVE answered:

    How do autism spectrum disorders affect family life?

    Autism Spectrum Disorders greatly effect family life. Not only may there be a sense of guilt in the parents for "bringing this upon themselves" but there is also the strain of dealing with an autistic child on a daily basis and their changing needs. Financial distress also causes an impact on the...Read More
  • Dr. Alfa O. Diallo, MD - Naples, FL - Emergency Medicine

    What is a stress fracture?

    Stress fractures are bone injuries that affect less than 1% of the population. They are exacerbated by running, walking, marching, or jumping. These overuse injuries are the result of repeated tensile or compressive stresses on bones, most commonly the long bones of the leg. Certain factors such as previous...Read More
  • Dr. Tony L. Willson, MD - Plant City, FL - Family Medicine

    Can erectile dysfunction be caused by prescription medication?

    Most certainly.  There are a variety of medication classes/types that contribute to erectile dysfunction.  Most commonly found in your medicine cabinet include medications that treat high blood pressure, anti-depression/anti-anxiety medicines, as well as common over-the-counter medications like zantac,...Read More
  • Dr. Alan J. Margolis, MD - Littleton, CO - Ophthalmology

    What are the risks of IOL implantation?

    The risks of intraocular lens implantation associated with cataract surgery are quite low in today's era of cataract surgery.  An intraocular lens is typically placed in a patient's eye once the cataract has been removed.  Modern intraocular lenses are made of typically biocompatible materials, such as acrylic, silicone, and Colla...Read More
    MDLIVE answered:

    How do medications treat arrhythmia?

    There are many different types of heart arrhythmia so there are different medications for these conditions. It all depends on your specific condition. An arrhythmia like atrial fibrillation, for example, may be treated with a medication as simple and common as a beta-blocker like metoprolol or a...Read More
  • Dr. William Wien, DO - Freeland, WA - Family Medicine

    Does health insurance cover complementary and alternative medicine?

    The answer to this question varies from state-to-state, depending on legal statutes, and between insurance companies, and even between individual policies from the same insurance company. Laws in certain states require, for example, that coverage for chiropractic care and acupuncture be provided...Read More