Selecting a hospital with an A grade on the Hospital Safety Score is a good first step in ensuring you will stay safe in the hospital.  However, even in an A hospital it is important that you stay vigilant and protect yourself from some of the potential dangers of hospital care.  It is important for you to:

- Bring a list of medications, vitamins, and supplements you are currently taking with you to the hospital.  Your doctor should be aware of any medication you're taking to avoid a potentially harmful drug interaction with any new medication he/she might prescribe.

- It can often be difficult to remember everything your doctor shares with you about your care, so be sure to write down any instructions or information.

- Bring a close friend or family with you to the hospital, when possible.  You may be groggy or unaware from a procedure or treatment, and it is important that someone be paying attention to your medication and doctor’s instructions during your recovery.