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  • Stash It or Trash It

    It's important to know when a food item is no longer safe to eat. One great habit to have is to always put newly purchased foods behind their counterparts that still need to be consumed. So if you buy a fresh quart of milk, put it directly behind your half...Full Post
  • Beware Shitake Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are a great ingredient to salads, Chinese stir fry, rice dishes, pasta sauce and other dishes. If you decide to use shitake mushrooms make sure to cook them thoroughly, since some people may be sensitive to uncooked lentinan, a compound in the mushroom. Sensitive people...Full Post
  • Stealth Sodium

    With all the talk about reducing sodium in your diet, it’s important to be able to recognize sodium ingredients in foods. Here’s a list of sodium beware terms:
    Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
    Baking powder
    Soy sauce
    Disodium phosphate
    Monosodium glutamate...Full Post
  • Straight from The Dr. Oz Show

    What can I do to treat canker sores?
    Dr. Oz recommends milk of magnesia to help soothe these sores and also to help create provide proper pH balance in your mouth. You can also use moistened teabags, whose tannins can help soothe and heal canker sores and...Full Post
  • Are Some Sweet Potato

    Sweet potatoes here in the US are typically available in yellow or orange. Worldwide you can also get sweet potatoes that are white, cream or purple in color. Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes actually contain the most vitamin A, when you examine all the sweet...Full Post
  • Make That Slaw a Bit Healthier

    Mayonnaise is typically the culprit ingredient that can make routine cole slaw quite caloric and full of fat. Consider substituting a mixture of rice vinegar, fat free mayonnaise, a bit of sesame oil some chopped peanuts and sriracha, a chili sauce found at...Full Post
  • Add Flavor Not Fat

    Healthy fats have a place in our diets, but most of us eat way too many servings of unhealthy fats. So how do you make food taste better without adding more salt when you cut the fat?
    Citrus squeeze is one good answer. The juice you extract from a lemon,...Full Post
  • How Can I Reduce My Body's Physical Response to Stress?

    When you are exposed to chronic stress you can suffer from insomnia, headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, and exacerbation of your heart disease or diabetes because internal inflammation occurs, and other physical ailments. Research suggests that you can...Full Post
  • What's Corn Syrup?

    If you track the news then you know that high fructose corn syrup is in the news again, this time because manufacturers of HFCS want to change the name of the product. What do they now want to call it? Corn sugar. Why? Because a number of experts and some studies...Full Post
  • Mental Tricks

    If you struggle to resist the tempting sugary and junk food you might want to try a mental trick. If you can say no to the food one time or walk past the temptation, you will now have a mental picture of triumph and control for the next time you face the s...Full Post