Help Us Fund the FMM Clinical and Research Program at UAB!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to fund a month of the UAB Program, which will include patient visits, research, case management, and coordinated care from a Nurse Navigator.
The UAB Mitochondrial Medicine Program will be a...
A multi-disciplinary place where pediatric and adult patients can be:
  • Diagnosed
  • Treated
  • Regularly evaluated 
With a team of specialists in one place

Where care is coordinated and a patient’s case is managed by a nurse navigator

Where a new, non-invasive blood test exists to assess mitochondrial function of the cells
Where research is connected to related diseases, like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more

Your Tax-deductible donation will fund:
$2,000 – Program for 2 days
$1,000 – Program for 1 day
$500 – Program for ½ day
$250 – Program for ¼ day
$100 – Clinic Supplies for a day

Please Consider Making a Donation today to Help Fund the FMM Clinical and Research Program at UAB!  Visit to donate!