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Do you have questions about living with diabetes? dLife has a wealth of information to give you the answers you need to manage your diabetes health!  We are the number-one community network and resource for people living with diabetes and their caregivers.  By providing in-depth expert information, inspiration, and community connection, dLife’s award-winning dLife.com and dLifeTV help millions of people, just like you to gain control of their diabetes health.

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dLife Diabetes Companion Mobile App: This popular iPhone application is the ultimate FREE diabetes lifestyle manager and tracker to help you handle your diabetes on the go. Track your blood glucose levels, find diabetes friendly recipes, watch episodes of dLifeTV, and get expert answers to your diabetes questions, all through your mobile phone. Download this app now in the iTunes store.

Recipes:  Want some variety in your diabetes diet? dLife has the largest recipe database with over 9,000 recipes that are easy to search. You can sort by course, main ingredient, carbs, calories, fat, or sodium counts – even gluten-free. Find the perfect recipe here.

Community:  Have a nagging question you haven’t been able to get answered? Feel like chatting with someone who understands you?  Join the hundreds of thousands in the dLife community, the largest online network of people living with diabetes and their caregivers. With 19 active community forums, there are thousands of members sharing stories, exchanging ideas, and supporting each other. Beyond just casual conversation, many people have build friendships with others who ‘get it.’ Join the dLife community now and don’t go it alone anymore.

Since its creation, dLife has been fulfilling its mission to empower those with diabetes to take better care of themselves and build good diabetes management skills through simple lifestyle changes.  Ultimately, our goal is to enable more people like you to live longer and healthier diabetes lives

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    You don’t need pasta to create a tempting Italian meal! In this recipe, spaghetti squash stands in for angel hair pasta. The chicken is pounded thin and then rolled with ham and fresh herbs. This low-carb meal is nutritious and delicious.

    Click below to watch chef Michel Nischan give a modern...Read More
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    Diabetes in the Latin Community On Monday, September 21st at 12pmET, join dLife’s panel discussion, as they explore the challenges and joys of living in the Latin community with diabetes. Register today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8991077483633678593
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    Don’t forget to stretch! A friend to circulation, flexibility, energy and more, it is as important as exercising.
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    Morning Highs: Problems with morning highs? You’re not alone - high morning blood glucose is a common side effect of some diabetes meds that cause morning rebounds after sharp nightly lows. A quick fix: go to bed with slightly high blood glucose. If this is a longstanding problem, make sure to talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication and/or tracking your glucose during the night.
  • dLife - It's YOUR Diabetes Life!
    Driving Demand for Digital Health: the face of digital healthcare is quickly evolving. On Monday, September 14 at 12pm EST, join dLife’s panel discussion as they discuss the trends that are driving demand for digital health and how behavior change programs can help. Register today: dlife.com/digitalhealth.
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    Interact with the Speakers!
    Don’t miss the opportunity to meet dLife’s own Janis Roszler, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE, FAND and Benno C. Schmidt, III when they give a talk on Erectile Dysfunction at the AADE 2015 conference. Join us August 5th from 6:30pm-7:30pm at the Hilton Riverside New Orleans Hotel!
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    Want a chance to win a free Buzzy pain reliever? It's simple! Go to our Facebook (http://on.fb.me/1LW4qAr), Twitter (http://bit.ly/1TpZcPC) or Pinterest (http://bit.ly/1Sd7uYN) pages and SHARE our posts. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter this contest, so keep sharing! A Buzzy is an award-winning, reusable pain reliever that combines benign cold with vibration to overwhelm pain nerves. Perfect for self-administered injections, finger sticks, trips to the doctor and more. To purchase your own Buzzy, visit: http://buzzy4shots.com/. For sweepstakes rules, go to: http://bit.ly/1HmVh2r.
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    Nutrition labels sometimes can be confusing. The total carbohydrate number generally includes starches, sugars and fiber. Read More
  • dLife - It's YOUR Diabetes Life!
    Satisfy your burger craving without loading up on carbs with this recipe. The burgers get a touch of Southwest flavor from cumin and garlic -- and tofu, the recipe's secret ingredient, keeps the ground turkey moist and juicy.

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    You don't have to give up crackers just because you're steering clear of carbs. These low-carb, high-fiber crackers are made with spelt flour -- which is also low in gluten. They're crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, and great for snack attacks.

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    Serve this dip with Spelt Crackers for a high-protein, low-carb party dish. You can make the dip in minutes using a food processor. Surprising ingredients like dry mustard and beer create a smooth yet spicy spread that's perfect on crackers.  

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    This hearty, healthy soup is low in carbs -- but full of flavor, thanks to a variety of mushrooms.

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    Mushroom Bisque


    1 tbsp grapeseed oil
    1 cup fresh chopped onion
    1 cup chopped leeks
    2 large garlic cloves,...Read More