Alzheimer’s Speaks - Shifting Our Dementia Care

Our Mission

Alzheimer’s Speaks mission is to shift Dementia care culture worldwide, from crisis to comfort. By giving a voice to all as to how Dementia care is perceived, received and delivered we can improve delivery systems and the quality of life for those living with memory loss as well as their care partners. We believe hope not fear, is our common bond and friend. Alzheimer's Speaks believes in providing individuals and businesses tools, products, concepts and services to assist them in developing and improving their own dementia care culture. We want to help “share the care” for Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementias. Our site hosts several platforms to give voice and enrich the lives of those dealing with memory loss. By providing such, we believe people will be able to live independent and purpose filled lives for as long as possible, no matter what stage of the disease they are dealing with. Alzheimer’s Speaks believes collaboration is the key component in the battle plan against Dementia. Bottom line all businesses, communities as well as individuals need to become “Dementia Friendly.” The statistics alone show the numbers are staggering and only growing. Now is the time to get ahead of the game before negative outcomes increase. By working together, we can push both conventional and alternative efforts forward in search of answers. By joining forces and sharing knowledge, we can win the battle against dementia. Alzheimer’s Speaks Objectives:
• To build a respected international brand known for dementia care; being creative, collaborative, realistic, educational, inspiring and hopeful in the arena of dementia care.
• To build platforms and resources for dementia care which are inclusive, easy to navigate and economically friendly.
• To be the number one media host for dementia care worldwide: constantly investigating and educating the world about new and effective efforts to shift our dementia care culture.
• To invoke change and enhance the quality of life for all dealing with dementia.
• To develop a company philosophy of unlimited thought, achievement, and life balance.
• To create a work environment based on fun, compassion, lifelong learning and a passion to make things better on a daily basis.
• To use Emotional Based Training™ to shift hearts and mindsets as to how dementia care is perceived, received and delivered in our world, which in turn will activate a new heart set to ignite change in our dementia care culture.
• To provide engaging platforms to educate people throughout the globe via tools, products, services and programs that will assist people with the variety of needs and roles involved in our dementia care culture.
• To lead by example.
• To build collaborative efforts for dementia enhancing those whose lives are affected by dementia.
• To launch multiple training programs and tools which target all care partners active and inactive in our communities; be it family, friends, co-workers, or businesses that are memory impaired specific or not.
• To continue to develop, expand and refine our social media for dementia to be economically responsible.
• To partner with sponsors and advertisers who believe it is possible to improve our global dementia care culture by working in collaboration and sharing knowledge.
• To align with fascinating people around the world who are doing amazing work to shift our dementia care culture.
• To create a PR campaign that breaks down societal barriers and stigmas associated with dementia; assisting in a global shift in our dementia care culture.
• To shift the public’s perception of dementia care from one of crisis; to one of a natural and normal state of being.