How Do Dry Eyes Affect Women Differently Than Men?

Women tend to experience eye dryness more than men. Ophthalmologist and Sharecare Advisory Board member David Demartini, MD explains why women are more susceptible in this video.

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Women have more problems with dry eyes, mainly because they have more of the inflammatory systemic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis
and lupus, as well as menopause. Menopause really can bring on a lot of dryness to a lot of women. And even the hormone therapy,
will not reverse it. So unfortunately, they have to deal with that, probably three to
one as far as incidence, compared to men. Any men that have rheumatoid arthritis or have inflammatory disease, such as Crohn's disease
or ulcerative colitis, they can also have dry eyes also. So men don't
get away with none of that, but the women certainly have more of a problem.

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