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  • Post Pregnancy Baker 4 Capsular Contracture

    I was presented a patient who, after pregnancy, developed a Baker 4 capsular contracture to her breast. When any type of breast implant is inserted, the body naturally forms a protective lining around it. This is referred to as the capsule or tissue capsule....
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  • Pectus Excavatum and Asymmetry

    Six Week Post Op

    I was presented a 26 year old patient with severe congenital pectus excavatum condition along with asymmetry of the breast. As you can see the patient appearance of the chest is sunken in or caved in. During the consultation we discussed her goals and o...
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  • Follow up to Breast Lift without Implant

    Pre Op   Post Op one Day

    One Week Post Op Breast Lift

    Three Week Post Op

    On August 1st, 2015 I performed a breast lift on this patient and I just wanted to follow up on her recovery. As you can see above her profile looks great and she is healing very well after only 3 weeks.

    This photo is an example of a primary breast...
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  • Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers

    For the past few months, I have put an asserted effort to participate in answering questions on the world’s largest community website for cosmetic surgery. Founded in 2006, RealSelf.com has created an extensive collection of reviews, photos, and Q&As for...
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  • Breast Lift Without Implant

    This photo is an example of a primary breast lift without a breast implant. The patient had great volume in the breast area, but it was just distributed quite low with Grade III skin laxity (anything more than 3 cm below the inframammary fold is considered...
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  • Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

    I was presented with a 36-year-old female who was looking to enhance her abdomen, hips, and breast. During the consultation, we discussed her goals, which included achieving a firmer stomach, contouring her hips, and lifting her breasts. After setting her...
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  • Massive Weight Loss, Body Contouring

    A 39-year-old female who lost a massive amount of weight recently came to my to my Beverly Hills office. After losing over 110 pounds, she was looking to remove the loose skin and have a breast augmentation with a lift.
    After listening to her goals, we sc...
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  • Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos

    linder 7

    As a plastic surgeon, the months of June and July have historically always been a busy time of the year for me in my Beverly Hills practice regarding breast augmentation surgery. I believe this is due to patients being able to take advantage of summer...
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  • Double Bubble and Ruptured Implant

    The patient presents a left ruptured breast implant along with a double bubble deformity, which means the implant has risen and the skin now over-drapes the breast. To correct the left breast I down sized the implant using a 320cc high profile saline implant...
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  • Top Doctor Status

    I received an email the other day from Realself.com letting me know that I had reached there Top Doctor Status. I have been contributing to there site by answering questions from there customers regarding plastic surgery. I enjoy doing this and I hope it helps...
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