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Best online streaming at-home workouts: Discounts, online classes, and what to know amidst coronavirus

Good Morning America - April 30, 2020

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people around the world are self-isolating, which in turn has resulted in an uptick of at-home workouts. Additionally, popular boutique fitness studios, as well as personal trainers, have continually made efforts to abide by CDC guidelines encouraging social distancing.

Global Study Calculates Deadly Toll of Secondhand Smoke

HealthDay - April 30, 2020

For every 52 smokers, secondhand smoke claims the life of one nonsmoker, an international study reports. … The study found that in 2016, 52 smokers were tied to the death of one nonsmoker worldwide -- up from 1990, when 31 smokers were linked to the death of one nonsmoker. Researchers said this reflects effective measures such as smoking bans in public places.