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Hi, I’m Dr. Robin Miller, integrative health specialist, with a tip to help improve your cholesterol and lung health. Nuts are full of healthy monounsaturated fats, but you probably know they’re also high in calories. But here’s good news if you love pistachios: They may have fewer calories than you think.In a recent study, researchers found that the caloric values assigned to proteins, fats, and carbs are outdated and may even overestimate the number of calories in foods. They also found that our bodies don't absorb all the calories in pistachios, because the fat from this nut isn't readily absorbed by the intestinal tract.In fact, the calories in pistachios may be overestimated by 6 percent, given the number of calories that get absorbed. A handful of pistachios makes a quick, healthy snack – a one-ounce serving is about 20 nuts in their shells. But there are more health benefits to these little green nuts.In a study where 20 percent of people’s daily calories came from pistachios, the participants saw significant improvements in their cholesterol profiles. The takeaway here is when you feel like a nut, reach for pistachios for a satisfying, heart-healthy crunch. To discover more ways to live healthier, watch all our smart tips right here.