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  • Not Seeing Results? Try This!

    When people decide they are ready to begin a workout regimen, they often don’t have a plan that will focus on minimizing injury or that will properly progress over time so that they can avoid what we often refer to as “hitting a plateau.” It takes your body...Full Post
  • Is Yoga Right For Me?

    I often get asked if Yoga is something a person should look in to if they want to become more flexible. The answer to this question is easy, of course! The main thing about Yoga is to start off slow and know your limits. In time, you will increase your range...Full Post
  • 5 Beneficial Stretches To Stop An Injury Before It Starts

    We all have hectic lifestyles and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. Even if we go to the gym and hop on a piece of cardio equipment or complete a full workout, who has time to stretch? Without stretching and working on muscles...Full Post
  • Taking a Trip? Follow These Tips!

    As we know, when it’s time to pack our bags for a fun filled vacation, we easily forget about our fitness and food choices. I personally just took a very fun trip out of the country and saw this happen to most of the people that were on the trip with us. It...Full Post
  • ‘Just Do It’ –It isn’t just a tag line

    As we all know, starting a program can be really challenging. I know I have struggled (yes, even as a trainer) to find the motivation to get up in the morning and get some sort of workout in. There really are no secrets to weight loss. The first thing you have to do is commit to your goals!...Full Post
  • Transform You2 Starts Today!

    Hello Everyone.

    Today is the day that the new Transform You2 program begins. I am SUPER excited about all this program has to offer. It is a free, 16 week program that gives you great information around nutrition, fitness and “getting your mind right.” The changes that you see on the...Full Post
  • Announcing HealthMakers 250: Conversations on the Leading Edge

    Sharecare is announcing their newest video initiative, HealthMakers 250: Conversations on the leading edge. The top minds in health and medicine are answering today's big health questions. Watch, listen and share. http://www.sharecare.com/static/healthmakers...Full Post
  • Who are the Sharecare Fitness Experts?

    Hello Sharecare Friends! You've probably been seeing a lot of new information and resources on Sharecare recently, including different titles for different groups and individuals on the site.

    I'd like to introduce you to one of these groups and invite you

    ...Full Post
  • Having a “Hot Flash”? Here are some Dr Oz recommendations

    As you all know, I am a HUGE Dr. Oz fan and watch his show all the time! The other night I had someone ask me on Sharecare about “hot flashes” and what causes them and what could be done to make them stop. While I am not a doctor, I went searching for the answer

    ...Full Post
  • Just One -A poem that says it all!

    I just read this poem and thought about how much you have inspired me, each other and how hard you continue to work to reach your goals! Remember that it is never to late to set a goal and start living the life YOU want and deserve. I hope you enjoy!

    Just...Full Post