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  • Feeling Under the Weather?

    Unfortunately, the flu season is here and seems to be in full force in many cities. So, how do you know if you should take time off from your workouts and give yourself some time to rest? Here are some helpful hints to help guide your decision.

    If your symptoms...Full Post
  • Achy Knees Hindering Your Workouts?

    How many times have you skipped a workout because you were experiencing sore knees? There are many causes for this but often it can be due to muscle weakness and improper movement patterns. Here are some tips and exercises that can help decrease stress to your...Full Post
  • Autumn Harvest Salad

    I tried a new salad recipe last night and loved it so I thought I would share. It was easy to make and if you love “sweeter” tasting salads, you will really enjoy this. This recipe comes from Carmon Roberts, RD. Enjoy!

    Autumn Harvest Salad
    Pumpkin seeds used...Full Post
  • Are you a victim of shin splints?

    Pain and/or swelling in your shin and lower leg caused by things such as prolonged running on hard surfaces and walking fast at an incline is often called shin splints. If you have ever experienced this type of pain, you know that it is definitely not something...Full Post
  • For All You Golfers…

    Golf is a fun sport that is growing more and more popular, especially as we age. With that being said, being able to rotate properly and use your core is extremely important to execute your swing and reduce injury risks. Here are some flexibility and streng...Full Post
  • A Want to Climb

    Often times I write about fitness in hopes that my tips/information will help/inspire those of you searching for answers and guidence. This week I wanted to post a poem that I felt related to the journey of losing weight and the ups and downs people face....Full Post
  • Great exercises for your powerhouse –The Glutes!

    There are many ways to train your glutes (aka- rear end) which will help reduce stress to your low back and also enhance your backend appearance. Here are a few exercises that will engage and strengthen this region.

    Floor and/or Ball Bridges –Make sure that...Full Post
  • Ever Get Bored With Your Workouts? Here's How to Change Up Your Workout Routine

    We often talk about how important it is to change up your workout routine every 4 weeks so that you do not hit the dreaded plateau, but do you actually know how? I personally do not like to do the same workout over and over so here are some great tips that...Full Post
  • Do you ever have knee pain when exercising?

    When working out, it is extremely important that you maintain proper alignment in order to keep your joints in a safe place and your muscles working optimally. If you feel pain in your knees when exercising (and it is not related to a previous injury) then...Full Post
  • Static Stretching vs Dynamic Stretching –What’s the difference?

    There have been many questions about what type of stretches you should do before and after a workout. Some people think that static stretching can reduce performance based on some research, while others support it. So, which should you do?

    Static stretching...Full Post