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  • Dinner Done Right!

    Often times we forget about the importance of eating healthy meals throughout the day because we are so focused on making time for our workouts when trying to reach our fitness goals. Keep in mind that working out is extremely important to help burn calories...Full Post
  • Simple Poem

    This was sent to me this morning and made my day. I thought I would share because all of you touch somone's life in a special way as well! Enjoy.

    You're the kind of person,
    Who's hard to forget,
    A one-in-a-million
    To the people you've met.
    Your friends...Full Post
  • Foam Rolling –Is it really that beneficial?

    I have written about foam rolling in the past but wanted to bring the topic back up because of all the benefits this technique can have in reducing pain and increasing flexibility. As a review, foam rolling helps remove adhesions, or knots, in your tissues...Full Post
  • Manage your calories like you manage your money!

    Counting calories is just like shopping - we'd like to spend endlessly, but there is a limit you need to maintain to hit your target goals. The first step in tracking calories is to determine a daily caloric goal. In general, weight loss clients should eat...Full Post
  • Strength Extends Beyond Your Muscles

    It is often hard to find strength within ourselves to push through daily obstacles and a busy schedule. It is important to take a few minutes every day for yourself to relax your mind and recharge your body. I stumbled across this wonderful saying this morning...Full Post
  • Tips to Help You Move and Feel Better

    Knowing your health numbers is important so you can work towards bettering those results to live an overall healthier life. Some of these numbers include your HDL’s, LDL’s, weight, resting heart rate, circumference measurements, etc. Another important factor...Full Post
  • Movement Prep Matters!

    We often take for granted warming up our bodies before any type of exercise or cardio workout. Why? Who has the time? While it is not the most exciting part of a routine, it is important because it prepares your body for the activity ahead and will aid in a...Full Post
  • Feeling Under the Weather?

    Unfortunately, the flu season is here and seems to be in full force in many cities. So, how do you know if you should take time off from your workouts and give yourself some time to rest? Here are some helpful hints to help guide your decision.

    If your symptoms...Full Post
  • Achy Knees Hindering Your Workouts?

    How many times have you skipped a workout because you were experiencing sore knees? There are many causes for this but often it can be due to muscle weakness and improper movement patterns. Here are some tips and exercises that can help decrease stress to your...Full Post
  • Autumn Harvest Salad

    I tried a new salad recipe last night and loved it so I thought I would share. It was easy to make and if you love “sweeter” tasting salads, you will really enjoy this. This recipe comes from Carmon Roberts, RD. Enjoy!

    Autumn Harvest Salad
    Pumpkin seeds used...Full Post