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  • The proper way to breath during a strength training program is to remember to do it!  The most important thing to remember is to breathe in and out normally/comfortably and not force a count on how long you should be breathing in and out.  Many people tend to hold their breath which can cause you to become dizzy...Read More
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    While in a seated position with your legs at a 90 degree angle, lift one leg up off the ground. On the lifted foot, point your toes up toward the ceiling and move your ankle/foot in a clockwise direction. Repeat these circles for 15 repetitions and then switch directions. Repeat on the other foot....Read More
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    When people decide they are ready to begin a workout regimen, they often don’t have a plan that will focus on minimizing injury or that will properly progress...Full Post
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    I often get asked if Yoga is something a person should look in to if they want to become more flexible. The answer to this question is easy, of course!...Full Post
  • The core is your entire body basically, excluding your arms and legs. It is where all movement begins and has been described by many as the foundation that ensures proper movement. There are approximately 29 muscles that make up the core of your body and where your center of gravity is located. Your...Read More
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    There are many ways to perform a single leg lift, so I am going to tell you how to perform it in a seated position. First, sit up tall with your back off a chair. Suck in your belly button toward your spine about an inch. Bend your right knee at a 90 degree angle while keeping your left leg straight. Squeeze your...Read More
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    Learn the correct moves for doing a simple Sun Salutation. View Slideshow
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    When performing a seat cable row, start by selecting a weight that you can perform without compensation and handles that you prefer to use.  I suggest using a straight bar so that you can maintain proper alignment and reduce the chances of rounding your shoulders forward while performing the exercise....Read More
  • Absolutely! If weight training increases your heart rate and keeps it elevated for the duration, you have gotten your cardio exercise in as well. Often, individuals who want to substitute weight training for cardio perform their resistance training in a circuit, moving from one exercise to another...Read More
  • Fat loss is an equation. Eat less, move more and you will drop fat. So the good news is, anything that helps you get moving so you are burning more calories than you are consuming (creating a calorie deficit) will help you lose fat! 
    By creating a caloric deficit, the body will be forced to use stored body...Read More
    1. Arlene Collett I have problems with my feet so far as walking is concerned-pain from arthritis.
      On Jun 24
  • Not necessarily.  A resistance training routine should not make you bulky unless that is the desired goal of your program.  Generally speaking, you should not get bulky from your resistance training program as long as you monitor your calorie intake to ensure you are not eating more calories than...Read More
  • Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce and getting leaner arms involves more than doing a bunch of tricep extensions!  To achieve arms with that lean look, you need to burn fat everywhere!  This is achieved through a combination of eating a sensible reduced-calorie diet, and participating in a pro...Read More
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    As we know, when it’s time to pack our bags for a fun filled vacation, we easily forget about our fitness and food choices. I personally just took...Full Post
  • Circuit training is one of the best methods to condition your heart and your muscles. Circuit training programs move you quickly from one exercise to another, allowing for little to no rest in between exercises. This demand on your heart and muscles makes this form of training a little more intense...Read More