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  • Hi Tami. Can you please pass this on? About three months ago, Dr. Oz encouraged you to join a transformational program, the Move It and Lose It Challenge. You rose to the challenge. Now, you're on a much better path to a lifetime of health, and you're enjoying some great benefits as a result. Want to win the grand prize to boot? You could find yourself (and a lucky guest!) at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona or Hilton Head Health on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, eating gourmet meals every day and enjoying bonuses such as great cooking classes and fun fitness activities. To qualify for the grand prize you MUST log your weight or your weekly activity by June 13, 2012. It's not too late to fill in this information for previous weeks. Just go to the Exercise tab to log your activity and the Weight tab to log your weight. Do it today! Good luck!
  • It's the last week of the challenge but only the first leg of a never ending race. Your healthy life style is a never ending story, a story of health and happiness, where you have the energy and strength to do anything your heart desires and have fun do it. Keep up your exercise and share your healthy lifestyle with all your friends and family. I’m sure just watching you move with easy and energy when inspire them to make a change.
  • Hey Tami. How is your group doing? I see absolutely nothing happening on the group page.
  • Hi Tami. Do you have any success stories that you can share? If so, would you mind posting to my page so I can forward it/them on? Thank you.
  • Hey Tami. This might be a fun challenge for your group. Have them check out my blog and come up with some creative ways to get in their 10,000 steps and accidental exercise.
  • Thanks for the feedback Tami. Have a nice evening.
  • Ann, I was able to walk some folks through the favorites and meals to make it easier for them. I think the feedback is that if you're not one that eats the same or similarly daily, searching, flagging and logging can take more time than anticipated.
  • I'm sorry to hear that Tami. Are there any questions I can answer that may help with the food logging?
  • Ann, I am not sure how things are going with the group. I really haven't heard from anyone except to complain about how hard and/or time consuming it is to log food. The group activities haven't been successful even though we're having exceptional weather here in EC.
  • Hi Tami. How are things going with your group?
  • Tami Hagmann posted:
    Good job, keep logging!
  • Tami Hagmann posted:
    Good job, keep logging!
  • Hi Tami, thanks for adding me. Best of luck to you and your group!
  • Thank you Tami.