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    On May 15, 2013
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    Hi Shirley. I had Dad's funeral today. Connect later in the week
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    Hi Shirley. Have not heard back from you and wondered about your connections section. However, your friends can not see your friends. I wonder if you changed your settings so friends can see some stuff - you have it on private right now - maybe others will see you and connect? I know my old list = a lot of people were still there - but I had to acknowledge them.
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    Hi Shirely, seems I didn't 'approve' your request and ended up asking you to approve me ! lol. Okay, we are now connected by the looks of things and now I can 'talk' to you. Hope you are keeping well. I am still working 3 days a week and looking at going back to unviversity. Have some young friends (20something) who are in university asking me when I am getting back into the swim. I told them if they keep harrassing me, I could likely do that after all - but tend to put things off - I am such a procrastinator!
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  • Hello Shirley, I'm sorry to read that you weren't well but glad to know that you didn't give up. It's so easy to feel defeated when we have a setback and that is the time to get right back at it. The strength training and resistance group sounds great! Have you talked to them about continuing on if there are enough interested participants? Go into where you log your food and look at the exercises. See if you can recreate a similar workout on sharecare so you can continue to do it on your own. So nice to hear from you. I am well, thank you for asking. Excited about spending some unstructured time with my boys over the summer and looking forward to working in my garden! Have a wonderful weekend!
  • Hello Serena. Thank you for caring and thank you for your message. I was not too well recently and because of that gained some weight. I became very upset with myself and just wanted to give up but did not.....I am eating right and exercising again - In fact, I joined a senior strength training and resistance group and it has really helped me. Unfortunately, it ends on June 20, 2012 but I think I can carry on with what I have learned. How are doing? I send you lots of love and blessings. Thank you again.