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    (HealthDay News) -- Cleaning out your refrigerator regularly can help get rid of germs and odors.

    The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service offers these suggestions:

    • Create a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, and wipe down surfaces inside the refrigerator.
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    MDLIVE, a leader in the telemedicine industry has expanded its network of telemedicine physicians by creating a strategic partnership with Traverse City, MI based ECI Healthcare Partners Telehealth. The ECI Healthcare Partnership will give MDLIVE access to ECI HP's 2,300 Board Certified physicians, specializing in emergency medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. The exclusive partnership creates the largest virtual physician network in the nation and allows MDLIVE the scale to meet its growing demand, while maintaining excellent service and proven quality. In addition, ECI HP will bring more than 40 years of experience in healthcare to manage the MDLIVE Medical Group PA, which will include training, credentialing and managing the telehealth clinical protocols.
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    Here are a few ways that you can help to prevent heart disease:
    courtesy of BMWK — What do you do to prevent heart disease?

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    February is Heart Health Month, so get the word out to make sure that everyone, especially women, know and really understand the important facts about heart disease. ccording to the American Heart Association, 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease, and it is the cause of one in three women’s deaths every year…ONE IN THREE!
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    ACEP releases Disaster Hero video game
    Preparing your family in advance is the best protection in an emergency. To make that preparation and education fun for kids, ACEP has released the Web-based video game, Disaster Hero. The game was developed as part of a grant administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency. The player takes the role of a Disaster Hero contestant in a high-tech game show, competing against a computer opponent. Read ACEP's press release, and check out the game
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    Spending habits begin early, typically by imitating how people around you—family and friends—handle their own finances. Recall the important people

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    Overcoming Depression at Christmas...In a recent poll, over 45 percent said that they dreaded the holiday altogether. Not everyone seems to see the light that Christmas brings, and if you look harder into the eyes of this joyous holiday, you may see why. More people kill themselves around Christmas time than any other time of year.
    There are several reasons why people are depressed during the Christmas season. Spending money that most do not have creates an environment for depression. There is a lot of pressure on folks to buy gifts, especially, for their children, even, if they can not afford to buy them. The easy solution is for them to charge it and pay the consequences later. This creates guilt which compounds the depression problem.
    Those who are single have their own set of needs that will stir up loneliness during the holidays. They go home to an empty house and try to fill the emptiness with other pursuits and activities.
    What about those who are single not by choice, but rather, due to a death or an unwanted divorce? The pain just does not go away. The feeling of rejection, compounded by watching others together during the season, forms the perfect situation for depression.
    Other issues that cause Christmas to be dreaded is: overeating, crowed stores, time constraints, office parties, etc Is it any wonder that over 50 percent of people polled said that they think Christmas should be toned down a bit.
    What are some viable ways to attempt to overcome depression at Christmas time?
    The first is to plan your budget for Christmas. Over spending is a real concern for most, therefore, make a budget and stick to it. Many will open up a Christmas savings account in which they add to all year. The bank then at a designated time will send out a check in ample time for Christmas spending.
    If you are single and prone to be lonely at Christmas be pro-active. There are plenty of others who are less fortunate. You will find them at the nursing homes, rescue shelters, soup kitchens, the leukemia ward of hospitals, and such like. Plan a trip to visit someone in one of these places. You dont have to know the person to visit them.
    Someone long ago said, Love is not love until you give it away. Perhaps, you will not notice your own loneliness, as much, if you are visiting someone else in a worse state than you. You dont have to stay long. You dont even have to say much or take a gift. It is just that fact that you stopped in to say hello. You were thinking of them and your presence is enough. Love is communicated by being there.
    Lastly, remembering what Christmas is really about is able to do wonders for you. It is not about gifts, parties, trees, lights, drinking, etc., it is about love. God so loved the world that He isnt love until given away. Give some love away this Christmas and find new meaning in the holiday season.
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