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"Where there's a will, there's a way."

Kristy Lee Wilson is a certified personal trainer and wellness expert specializing in nutrition, fitness, weight management, corrective exercise, sports performance and healthy living. Empowering transformation through personalized coaching and training programs, Kristy is changing lives across the world.

As an elite athlete (gymnastics) from the tender age of eight, Kristy Lee is no stranger to the health and fitness industry, and carries an extensive list of accomplishments and awards, including her most recent title – Ms Fitness Universe 2013.

Hailing from Australia, Kristy relocated to the US in 2001 to perform for world renowned Cirque Du Soleil, a position she held for 10 years. During that time Kristy became accredited as a specialist in a number of fields including – Youth Fitness, Performance Enhancement, Youth Nutrition and Pilates.

Stepping away from the gym Kristy put pen to paper in 2011 to earn the title of best-selling author for “The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance.” Her contribution to this book also won her an Editor’s Choice Award.

Kristy continues to shine as she dedicates her life to promoting healthy living by maintaining partnerships with leading online health and wellness social communities Pazoo and Sharecare (Dr Oz), presenting and speaking internationally, and fighting to prevent childhood obesity through key Ambassador roles with FitFluential, Girls Gone Sporty, Fitmark and Six:02. Kristy remains personally involved in the industry as a sponsored fitness competitor and is regularly featured in health and fitness publications internationally.

As a Transformation Trainer Kristy focuses on empowering the ultimate well being of each individual through a carefully blended mix of health and nutrition advice, tailored fitness programs, and ongoing personal development through powerful life coaching.

Kristy will give you the clarity and strength you need to live your most fulfilling life with power and passion.

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• Bachelors Degree in Sports Management: Health and Wellness (in progress)
• Associates Degree in Nutrition

- American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
- National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT, PES, CES
- National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer
- International Youth Conditioning Association - Youth Fitness Specialist
- TRX Certified Instructor


  • March 2012 I had a total knee replacement, what exercises can I do to help weight loss?
  • Hi Kristy, just wondering if you recieved my note about the stability ball and some exercises to try. I send it on Sunday morning. I haven't heard from you, maybe it got lost. Oh well, any info you can provide will be a help. Thanks & have a great tuesday!
  • Kristy, The past two weeks have been a challenge. For two weeks have had out of town family in and out celebrating our daughters marriage. Getting in my exercise has been a challenge. Tomorrow is weigh in and will see if there was any damage. Wrist is better, but still cannot put 100 % weight on it, but getting there. Thanks for checking in on me, last relative left this morning so looking forward to getting back into my routines. Have a great week!
  • Hey Diana Lynn! How are you doing?? Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to check in on you :) How are those wrists feeling?
  • Hey Robyn. That's great you have made the gym a regular part of your routine!! Good job! Have you been to the doctor about all the pain you are having? I would strong recoomend you see a doctor and have it checked out if you've not yet done so. This would be my first suggestion and recommendation for you. Keep me updated with how you are feeling and what the Dr says :)
  • Hi sorry about that. Didn't mean to hit send, opps. I have a question that I am hoping you can help me with. This past winter I started exercising more regularly and I actually joined a gym. Was too terrified to even enter one before. However now going to the gym has become my thing. I usually go 4-5/wk. The last couple of months my knee and shins have been really painful. I have arthritis and fibromylgia but with the changes I have made in the last year my body is much stronger than it has been before. The pain is starting to interfer with my ability to go to the gym, my daily walks and even work. So I guess the question is how do I get rid of the pain? People suggested I might have runners knee and shin splints. I haven't gone to the gym like usual in a couple of weeks and it's making me feel really crappy. I also took the plunge and signed up for Zumba instructor training in Aug and I am afraid that I won't be able to go. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Thanks, Robyn
  • Hi Kristy :)
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  • Hi Kristy, hope your weekend is going well. Do you have any exercises for a stability ball? I purchased one yesterday and I want to make sure I do the exercises correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Have a great Sunday :)
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  • Kristy, wishing you a happy 4th of July! My daughter got married and we have had a week of family and friends celebrating. It has been a challenge to get in my exercise. I hope you are surviving the heat, in the Bay Area we have had cooler than usual weather.
  • Hi Jennifer. Can you tell me more about what you mean by "benefits"?
  • Hi Kristy, Well, slowly working away. Not losing lbs but seeing the inches go down!!! My question is in the summer I like to run instead of row inside. How can I get the same benefits from a running program that I am getting from rowing? Jennifer
  • Hey Kathy! Great to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing well :) Keep up the great work!!