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Celebrity trainer Joel Harper ( has been developing custom workouts in NYC for 20 years. His clients range from Dr. Oz, Olympic Medalists striving for break-through performances to 10-year-old kids just learning to appreciate their health. With a client list as diverse as his training methods, he regularly works with well-known actors preparing for new roles, musicians embarking on world tours and business executives desiring increased energy and strength. Joel's enthusiasm and "you can do it" attitude will help you exceed your goals and get the toned and defined body you have always dreamed of.


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    Sharecare News posted a story about Fitness:

    FRIDAY, Aug. 22, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Back-to-school time provides an opportunity for parents to develop an exercise plan that fits into the family schedules, an expert suggests.

    "Forget New Year's resolutions; the start of a child's school year can also be the start of a new fitness ...Full Article

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    THURSDAY, Aug. 21, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Not only is eating better and exercising healthy for people with diabetes, it can save them hundreds of health-care dollars a year, a new study finds.

    The study, led by Mark Espeland, a professor of public health sciences at Wake Forest Baptist ...Full Article

  • Following are the exercises that can help you prepare for side-lying delivery:
    1. Lie on your left side with your head resting on your left arm. Bend both legs about 90 degrees at the hip and knee, so that your knees are straight out in front of your hips. With your right hand resting on your right
    ...Read More
  • Yes, most definitely consult your doctor and make sure that you are good to go and that your body is ready for it.
    Each person is unique and your doctor is the only person that can safely give you the green light. Read More
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    WEDNESDAY, Aug. 20, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Regular exercise may help older women avoid a condition that causes a life-threatening irregular heartbeat, a new study shows.

    Physically active postmenopausal women had a 10 percent lower risk of developing atrial fibrillation, compared to wom...Full Article

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    WEDNESDAY, Aug. 20, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Leaving the car at home and getting to work by walking, cycling or public transit is good for your health, a new study indicates.

    Researchers looked at thousands of people in the United Kingdom and found that 76 percent of men and 72 percent of...Full Article

  • Under 5 pounds and do high reps. What is high reps? Pick a body part and do 100 of them. Yes a hundred, burn those muscles out. If you can't finish a set stop for as many reps in seconds as you have left and then finish until you get to a hundred. It is great for endurance and each time it gets easier...Read More
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    TUESDAY, Aug. 19, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- College-educated Americans tend to be more physically active on weekends, while adults without a high school diploma are more active on weekdays, a new study finds.

    Researchers analyzed data from the 2005-2006 U.S. National Health and Nutrition E...Full Article

  • A mix between working out and diet-they go hand in hand. You have to burn more calories than you take in. Get that cardio in (a minimum of 30 minutes a day)-build the intensity every day. There is also a rubber Velcro belt you can get at any athletic store, wear it taut over your shirt and every...Read More
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    FRIDAY, Aug. 15, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Brisk walking and other forms of exercise reduce a black woman's risk of breast cancer, U.S. researchers report.

    They followed more than 44,000 black women for 16 years. They found those who exercised vigorously for seven or more hours a week were...Full Article

  • Cardio exercise is at the top of my list and what I get all my private clients to do in every workout. Why? Because I watched Sylvester Stallone in ROCKY as a kid and it is imbedded in my brain. Well.... not really, it is all of the ENORMOUS benefits cardio offers. Cardio is any exercise that increases your...Read More
  • You should exercise at a moderate level of intensity. So try to remain at a level 7, on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the hardest. NEVER workout to exhaustion. You should be able to say a complete sentence clearly. If someone were only listening to you, they would not be able to tell you were exercising. Read More
  • Strong core muscles keep you more comfortable during your pregnancy (carry the baby with greater ease and have less back pain) and help you get your shape back sooner after delivery. They also help with pushing during labor. However, I personally think that very tight and conditioned pelvic floor muscles can...Read More
  • Motivation. Where does it come from and why are some people more motivated than others? I think understanding the answer to this is key and it is simple. DESERVE. Everyone I know who is highly motivated and accomplishes their goals feels at their core that they deserve to accomplish them. Ask yourself-Do you...Read More
  • I would use the word happy instead of healthy. I would ask yourself this question. What weight would I be happy with? That is the weight for you. Everyone knows what weight they need to be, some outside person or program does not need to tell us how we need to look. I can tell myself.   I would much...Read More