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  • THRIVE Week 2: Prepare to Take Action

    What person do you know best in the world? Your mind is probably racing through your list of family, friends, spouse and kids. The person you should have at the top of the list is actually YOU!

    Last week we talked about creating A Vision for the life

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  • THRIVE Week 1: Creating a Vision-The Substance Behind Your Dreams

    On a recent ESPN 30 for 30, I was captivated by the quote, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Without a vision for your future, you may find yourself stuck in a track toward middle-age with seemingly nowhere to go but old. As a surgeon, sports doctor,

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  • The HEART of the matter: The TRUE and FALSE of saving yourself from heart attack.

    Something is killing women in this country at an alarming rate! It is not bird flu, e.coli, swine flu or many of the other flashes you see everyday on news stands. The number one killer of vital women in this country is heart disease.

    Our hearts are amazing muscles.

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  • Cartilage blog #3: Surgical options for cartilage gone bad: microfracture, OATS...

    Well, athletes (we are all athletes if we are exercising towards a goal) this is the 3rd and final “aching knees” blog. Over the last two weeks we have covered what you can do for yourself and what your doctor can do for you in the office. When conservative

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  • Cartilage blog #2: A little help from your Doctor

    Last week we began our discussion of joint pain and cartilage care with things you can do at home. When you have been treating your knee or hip pain yourself and getting no relief it is time to see medical care. You must be careful, however, that your sports doc understands

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  • Knee Pain: Caught in the Middle- Cartilage blog #1

    One Sharecare member wondered what the symptoms of knee arthritis are. It reminded me that one of the first conversations I had with Dr. Oz was about knee pain. Arthritis pain is that aching, tightness, popping, and swelling that can make everyday activities

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  • Fitness After 40- "These are the best years"

    When I’m asked to sign my book “Fitness After 40: How to stay strong at any age” I generally sign with the words, “These are the best years!” Find out exactly what I’m talking about by watching this talk I gave recently at the Army War College where the Army’s

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  • Be a MOVER and a SHAKER!

    We are designed to move! Look at yourself in the mirror. You have two strong legs, three layers of core muscles wrapping around your middle to stabilize your pelvis and the largest muscle in your body, your buttocks, designed specifically to move you forward.

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