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Michael F. Roizen, MD, a Sharecare Editorial Advisory member, is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Williams College, Alpha Omega Alpha graduate of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, and is board certified in both Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine. In 2007 Dr. Roizen was named the Chief Wellness Officer (the first such position in a major healthcare institution in the United States) for Cleveland Clinic, and Chair of its Wellness Institute. Dr. Roizen co-founded RealAge and chairs its Scientific Advisory Board. He is 64 calendar years of age, but his RealAge is 44.3. He and Dr Oz have authored 8 NY Times bestsellers between them, and three separately, including 4 #1 NY Times Bestsellers, including RealAge, Are You As Young As You Can Be, YOU: The Owner’s Manual, YOU: On A Diet, the Owner’s Manual for Waist Management, and YOU Staying Young, the Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty.



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  • Michael Roizen, MD answered:
    Here's a 7-day prescription for a strong, lean, fit body. And improved longevity. And a sack full of other benefits (such as being better in the sack). Every day, do 30 minutes of walking (and never use hand weights while walking; that can be dangerous).

    On each day below, add the following ac...Read More
  • Michael Roizen, MD answered:
    A major symptom of knee arthritis is a gradual increase in pain, especially after inactivity, but sometimes after changes in weather. Other symptoms include swelling or tenderness, warmth, locking up or buckling and decreased range of motion.  Read More
  • Michael Roizen, MD answered:
    Walking is a great exercise to relieve knee pain. Be consistent in walking 6,000 steps a day and wear proper-fitting athletic shoes. Exercise machines that decrease pounding, such as the elliptical or stationary bike, can relieve knee pain. Resitance exercises that stregthen the muscles above and below your knees are...Read More
  • Michael Roizen, MD answered:
    Any exercise machine that takes pounding away from the knee but still strengthens the muscles above and below the knee can be a great option for people with chronic knee pain. An elliptical machine does that -- but stationary bikes and rowing machines can, too.  Read More
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    via Facebook/@DrMichaelRoizen: Add some color to your cereal milk with natural pigments from berries and other fruits! Researchers from Purdue University recently unveiled the level of added dyes in popular cereal brands and some were shocking. If a cereal changes the color of your milk without containing any fruit, avoid it. Happy Tuesday!
  • Michael Roizen, MD answered:
    To diagnose knee pain, a doctor will need to know the history, including when and how the pain started, whether it was gradual or sudden, and if you had/have an infection or pain in other joints. The doctor will also perform a physical examination of you and your knees. Sometimes docs will order X-rays,...Read More
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    Last year when the American Medical Association classified obesity as a disease, public health officials and doctors were hopeful it would provide more than...Full Post
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  • Michael Roizen, MD answered:
    There are many ways to treat knee osteoarthritis. Walking and other non-bouncing physical activity, coupled with resistance exercises to strengthen the muscles above and below the knee, are especially important. Acupuncture, tai chi and yoga, weight loss, hyaluronic acid or corticosteroid injections,...Read More